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Re: problem boot debian on powerbook g3 (pismo/firewire)

Thanks for the quick answer, ... but:

hi, i have a combo drive replacement in my
pismo and it works (occassionally hangs at boot
/temporarily,  but "works" well enough)

it might depend on the brand and type you have
though. what do you have ?

The combo drive is a Matsushita UJDA710, which is listed
as a "compatible" cd-drive.

besides holding down the "c" key at boot you
can hold down the option key and you should
see a button, click on the cd button and then
on the curly arrow below it.

This was a very good hint. The screen with the cd-symbol
and the arrows was there, but after I pressed the curly
button the program reload the boot devices and showed the
harddisk and the cdrom again. After I pressed the cdrom
and the normal arrow there was a blank black screen ?!
Is that normal? The debian-cd was created on a x86 debian
system - so it wasn't the fault of os9.

of course if you want to keep your os9 or whatever,
which you should temporarily at least just in case,
you need to back up somehow to partition the
drive. best way probably is to burn your
os9 system to cd. make hfs standard and you should be
able to boot from that and make two partitions,
os9 back on one. then debian installer will let
you split up the second one for linux.

I don't need the os9-partion anymore - so is there another
way? Or am I a donkey?

no, sorry make the free partion for linux to be the
first one, that is better for booting linux.

if you still can't boot off your cdrw/dvd drive,
check the compatibility lists at xlr8yourmac.com

if it is not a good match, exchange it for one that

oh, if it is just the debian cd you can't boot
from, you may have an error in the burn. i have heard
that os9 does not burn bootable cds from iso images.
neither does toast light. regular toast i think it
was version 4.something started that.  is that your
situation ? if you simply burned the iso as an
image there on the cd it doesn't work, neither so
if copied from finder as a mounted file system;
it has to be a "direct" write.

there should be some simple freeware tool somewhere
to do it (anything that could write to device), but i
used osX.


Thanks for answer!


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