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Re: Please test Macintosh keyboards with xkb-data 0.8-12exp1

> > > Ideally, the kernel should send up the same codes as a PC keyboard.
> >
> > It doesn't always do that - that's why I asked for someone to collect the
> > ADB init messages. More precisely, we need those together with the xkb
> > model that works right for a particular machine. Maybe the ISO keyboards
> > all work with the swapped keys (in which case macintosh_iso would be a
> > good name)?
> I'm afraid that'd be pointless, as the user only has a chance to see the
> term 'ISO' (in the kernel output) if the kernel correctly detects and
> handles the keyboard in the first place.

Right - but collecting reports from users where the keyboard is detected
as ANSI but the key swap is required nonetheless would hopefully allow us
to improve the kernel keyboard detection code.

I know I'm overy optimistic WRT user feedback here. I'm not dead serious,
even. Just suggesting a couple of data points to ask for if the next user


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