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Re: Please test Macintosh keyboards with xkb-data 0.8-12exp1

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 07:31:47PM +0200, Yannick Roehlly wrote:
> Good late summer evening, (well, in southern France at least)
> Bin Zhang wrote:
> > Option     "XkbModel"   "ibook"
> With the ibook layout, it was working; but I prefer to use the macintosh
> layout so that the keypad enter behaves as KP_Enter.
> As Michel pointed at, the problem was that I've half read Denis mail (well,
> I missed a character). Using the macintosh_old2 layout works fine. My
> apologies...
> Does this mean that new Apple keyboards have the @ and the < keys inverted?

See Michel's posts, the kernel tries to adapt keycodes depending on the
detected keyboard.  It seems that your USB keyboard is not fully
recognized, so you have to select the right one by hand.
Maybe in the future, the kernel could get fixed, and you would then need
to modify your XkbModel again.  I try to find relevant names for those
Mac XkbModels in order to not confuse users even more.

> PS: By the way Denis, just a thought. On MacOs X, the "ISO_Level3_shift key"
> is the alt key. With xkb, it's the right alt key, ? la PC AltGr. I don't
> know how good would be the idea to make the alt key ISO_Level3_shift and
> the apple key Alt_L(R). The advantage is for people switching from MacOS to
> GNU/Linux keep the same keyboard habits but the problem is in program where
> the "Alt +..." shortcuts becomes "Apple +..." shortcuts.

see my previous posts, I do not want to have this discussion before we
have a better understanding on what is broken and how users should choose
their XkbModel.  But do not worry, we seem to be pretty close now ;)


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