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Re: Kernel 2.6 on a PegasOS?

Quoting Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>:

>> PS. Are you (Sven) responsible for the powerpc kernel image? Could you
>>     make sure the i8042/atkbd loads automatically? So that less people
>>     upgrading from older kernels get problems?
> Well, yes and no. 
> On new installs, it works just fine, so maybe the best solution for you is to
> boot the debian-installer in rescue mode, and regenerate the ramdisk or
> something.

Shouldn't the pre-/postinst fix this? Since it doesn't work on existing systems...

> Now, do i understand it correctly that :
>   1) you used to run a 2.4.27 kernel (i wonder why, this one is no more
>   supported since early 2005 or even earlier on the pegasos).

Yes. That's about when I got it. I've been trying to get a 2.6 kernel working for
about a year or so. The kernels availible in woody/sarge didn't work, hence I had
to upgrade to sid (2.6.17). I wasn't TO happy to be forced to upgrade to sid, but
it wasn't that big-a-deal..

>   2) you installed a debian 2.6.x kernel. Was it a 2.6.8 from sarge, or a more
>   recent 2.6.1[567] from etch/sid ? 

First the 2.6.8 from sarge which didn't work, then 2.6.1[67] from sid which both
work (albeight the i8042/atkbd isn't loaded _with_ the kernel).

>   3) you are using initramfs-tools or yaird for generating the ramdisk (if you
>   have 2.6.1[567] that is).

turbo@pegasos:~$ dpkg -l \*init\*
ii  initramfs-tools           0.66                      tools for generating an initramfs
ii  initrd-tools                      tools to create initrd image for prepackaged Linux kernel
ii  initscripts               2.86.ds1-14.1             Scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
un  linux-initramfs-tool      <none>                    (no description available)
un  linux-initrd-tool         <none>                    (no description available)
ii  module-init-tools         3.2.2-3                   tools for managing Linux kernel modules

> If you replied to these questions (again maybe, sorry, but it is good to
> restart from a common ground), i will try my best to solve this issue.

No worries. This have been my _only_ PPC/PegasOS issue, I bet
you've had miljons in the last year :)
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