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Re: Work around for SATA driver bug in Sarge 3.1r2 (how)?

On Jul 4, 2006, at 00:47, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

I can't tell you where the controller is, but I can tell you that the
description matches (i.e. the CD cannot be found). As far as I
understand the issue (bug), it isn't that the CD is on the SATA
controller, but rather that the SATA controller somehow prevents the
loading of the CD drivers. In "etch", the CD loads, with some
complaining, by way of some firewire drivers. Here is the info I get
from OS X about the CD:

I don't know what debian is mucking around on their kernels. It should
just work. I always do my installs with custom kernels anyway with
everything I need built-in. (a g5_defconfig in your case would work


OK, the thing is that I am a newbie (with a capital "n")and don't know how to do an install with a custom kernel. I remember you mentioning that kernels can be had at http://penguinppc.org/ but I always understood that the idea was to download the latest kernel and compile it after having installed Debian. I can't even get Debian installed and boot at this point. I also have never compiled a kernel, nor do I know what modules to make sure are activated (?) for a G5 single (PowerMac 9.1), not just for thermal control but also for sound, SATA drives, etc. I understand that compiling a kernel is pretty standard, so I could learn this, but the big problem is still getting a Debian system up and running on my G5.

I am willing to try, but I would need some serious HowTo, FAQ, etc. to attempt a project like this. While on the one hand being a big Debian fan, I personally find it very frustrating not being able to start off with a relatively low learning curve and then being able to "take it to the next level" because of the "mucking" around as you so succinctly put it ;-) Fedora Core 5 runs pretty much "out of the box", but anything with Debian involvement seems to spell doom on G5 hardware. Still, Fedora isn't Debian...

Any thoughts/advice on this conundrum would be appreciated.



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