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Re: Kernel Oops - Post install on Dual G4 Mac

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 12:33 -0500, James Stallings II wrote:
> DOH!!
> Mea Culpa, mea Culpa...
> Not only was the adaptec not integrated on the mainboard, its one I
> put in myself a year ago.
> Oh well, I pulled it but still get the kernel oops in the scsi_mod...
> unfortunately much of the oops output scrolls off the screen. How can
> I page back to the beginning of the crash? ctrl+pgup doesn't seem to
> do it for me - this is with the stock (read default) kernel image.

Hrm.. I have no idea what would be the default Sarge kernel image...
except that it's old ! How are you booting in the first place ? Using a
bootable CD with yaboot on it ? What happens if you try an etch or sid
installer instead  ?


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