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Re: imac g3 installation problem

In data 30/05/2006 13:26 Giulio Canevari ha scritto:
In data 29/05/2006 17:42 Daniel Gimpelevich ha scritto:

The CD drive may or may not come back to life
after applying this update from within MacOS (you must reboot after
applying the update, or the drive will not function at all):

I can anyway reopen the imac ( a thing that i really don't like to do
again ), put its hd into my x86 and copying the files ( hfs write seems
to be supported ), then remount the hd and try to install the updates.

Done this way with hfs utils. Found out that there is also an handy tcltk interface, in the hfsutils-tcltk package.

The CD still desn't work, the firmware was ok and the modem has been

Now i'll try to find some notebook with a net card and linux wanting to
spend some time in this experiment. The imac is by far to heavy to be
transported in places i can't reach with a car :(

But a question is: isn't it possible in some ways to install the base
system from my x86 [e.g. with qemu-system-ppc]?

Or this will lead to non-proper configuration when replugging the hd on the imac? Once i'll install the very base system i will be able to use the usb key within linux, so it should be ok.

A questions before the problem appears is the following: let's say i want to have the same packages i have on the x86 ( dpkg --get-selections >list.txt ).

How can i do to get the urls of the corresponding powerpc packages in order to be able to send the list to a friend of mine that has the adsl ( usually i send him a list for wget ) so he can download them?

Another little question: is ram usage with ppc compiled package similar to x86, or greater? I have tried to append mem=96m ( actually i have 256 mb ) to the grub boot entry and with my x86 everything i plan to use works fine, i would like to know if the situation with imac will be better, similar or worser.

Thank you again,
Giulio Canevari

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