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Re: [RFC][Patch] Cirumvent appletouch fuzziness

Stelian Pop wrote:
> Very rarely the appletouch driver stops working completly (sometimes
> after a resume from suspend to ram, sometimes for other unknown reason)
> and I have to reload the module in order to make it work again. But this
> happens just once per week (and I use the laptop daily for 10+ hours),
> so it never bothered me enough to look more closely.

I can confirm this, it happens also on my two G4 iBooks (12" 1,33 GHz

The interesting thing is that it _never_ happens when I wake the iBook at
home. And most of the times I wake it is at home. So maybe it depends on
temperature changes or motion or something like this.

It does not seem to depend on running on battery power, I often wake it at
home without the power cord plugged in.

The problem happens quite frequently when I'm in the train and for me it
is very annoying.

cu, Magnum

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