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Re: no go for me with serial console, bug 364637 - WAS: Xserver G5 usb keyboard not loaded ...

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, Sven Luther wrote:

  > >
  > > Is this in the debian docs, or is there a reference somewhere to how
  > > to do it?  If not, can you just give me a quick overview so I can
  > > figure out how to do it?
  > the debian-installer documentation used to have some (incomplete) guidelines
  > to do this, not sure where they are now. The s390 installer guide sahould help
  > you since they have neither display nor serial console.
  > > I know SuSE provides this via linuxrc, but I was not aware that debian
  > > did something similar.
  > Well, it is a d-i feature, you use preseeding together with the ssh remote
  > console.

I don't see any mention of this in the s390 manual.  The only description
that seems relevant indicates that the installation system has to successfully
boot before the network interface can be configured, which does not
happen in this case.

What is supposed to happen after 'Trying to im_free...' ?


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