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Re: Boot Mac 5500/225 in Linux

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:16:43 -0600, kendall14 wrote:

> I don't know much about linux or mac but I want to install a linux
> operating system to a old mac. The system is a mac 5500/225 with a 2GB
> HDD and all downloading will be done on a windows xp computer. The mac
> does not boot, it will just put a floppy on the screen. I have a CD
> burner and no floppy drive but once in a while I can use one on a
> computer that has a cd-rom drive and a floppy drive with windows xp. I
> need to to use minimum floppies and if at all possible none (doubt) or
> one floppy. So my question is , what operating system should I use for
> it and how can do the install?

Please excuse my not CCing you; I hope you read the list. Linux of any
kind would of course be a great operating system for you to install on it.
I have more or less streamlined a process by which one may install Linux
on an old Mac such as yours in exactly the conditions you describe, but it
is a rather involved process, and walking someone through it step-by-step
over e-mail would be an exercise in futility. Several floppies are usually
involved, and an internet connection over the Ethernet on that Mac is a
must. Also, the 5500 models bring certain hardware peculiarities to the
equation that could cause less-than-optimal operation unless taken care of
first, preferably directly by someone who has dealt with the hardware of
these models before. In particular, certain intermittent and
hard-to-correct problems can be caused by the motherboard not being seated
in the case just exactly right.

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