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Re: Boot Mac 5500/225 in Linux

On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 04:16:43PM -0600, kendall14 wrote:

> I don't know much about linux or mac but I want to install a linux
> operating system to a old mac. The system is a mac 5500/225 with a 2GB
> HDD and all downloading will be done on a windows xp computer. The mac
> does not boot, it will just put a floppy on the screen. I have a CD
> burner and no floppy drive but once in a while I can use one on a
> computer that has a cd-rom drive and a floppy drive with windows xp. I
> need to to use minimum floppies and if at all possible none (doubt) or
> one floppy. So my question is , what operating system should I use for
> it and how can do the install?

Oldworld macs (and I believe 5500 is oldworld) cannot be booted from
the debian-installer CD. So if there is no MacOS present on the HD,
you have to

A) Install MacOS from CD (that CD can obviously boot the machine)
B) Install Debian from floppies.

If you have MacOS installed, you can boot the debian-installer with
bootX. In that case you will not need any floppies at all. If you have
a working fast internet connection in MacOS, you don't even need a
debian-installer CD. Just download the needed files within MacOS
(bootX, vmlinux and initrd.gz from the "netinst" flavour).

If you want to install from floppies you will need at least two

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