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Re: Running Linux 2.6.16 and Xorg 7.0 on iMac G5 rev C (iSight)

>   - Get Ben's kernel at http://bersace03.free.fr/pub/iMac%20G5/ 
> vmlinux.bz2 (mirror of http://gate.crashing.org/~benh/vmlinux.bz2).  
> bunzip2 it at /.

Don't do that ! :)

There is no such thing as benh's kernels :) that's long gone. In fact, I
just removed the above one from the site... it was just a build to help
you. 2.6.16 should work on this machine, if you need a pre-build version
of it, try to get somebody on this list or post yourself one somewhere
but don't spread the idea that there is still such a thing as "benh's
kernel" :)


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