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Re: Installing java plugin in Mozilla?

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 02:30:10 +0100, Terry Shannon wrote:

> So, if I install my ibm-j2re1.4 package I created, then after I install
> Opera I should have a browser that supports java applets?  I need a
> browser that will work with most commercial sites in the US.  They seems
> to be IE specific and are picky about others.

Once you have installed opera (check out the forums on opera.com, you
might find an apt-get repository!) open the preferences and in the
"Advanced" tab select "Programs" and then "Java Options". Now enter the
path to the /$JAVA_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY/lib and validate the Java Path.
If Opera does not complain, you are done.

Best Regards, Jack
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