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Re: Installing java plugin in Mozilla?

On Sat, 18 Mar 2006 20:20:13 +0100, Terry Shannon wrote:

> However, when I try to follow the instructions in the documentation from
> the package to setup a link from the mozilla plugins directory to the java
> plugin I don't see the file name, libjavaplugin_oijc.so in the /opt
> directory or any other directory, they specified?
> The above web site did answer some questions on how to set up a package
> from code you download.  Is this still a valid method?

There is no such plugin for PPC. If you want java functionalities in your
browser, I suggest to switch to Opera: Opera does not rely on
libjavaplugin_oijc.so but uses directly the JVM to render the applets.

Best Regards, Jack
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