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Power saving techniques

Hi everybody,
I have a PowerBook 12-inch, 1.5Ghz (System Profiler says it's a PowerBook 6,8). I'd like to be able to save energy as much as I can while on the road; I'd like to know:

1) Does my PowerBook support cpu scaling? How do I enable it? Can I even make it run at 500Mhz or so? >>>I've tried installing cpudyn and cpufreq but I don't understand how to configure it and understand if it's actually working.
>>> Do I need both cpufreq and cpudyn?

2) I would really like to be able to suspend my computer.
I know that I can't suspend to ram because Nvidia (I have Nvidia Geforce 5200go) doesn't release drivers for PPC. (at least that's what I've been told)
I'd love to be able to suspend to disk... can my PowerBook do that?
Does it need a particular kernel?

3) How do I make my hard disk sleep?

4) Well, if you know anything else I can do to save energy...
(By the way fblevel is working so I can scale brightness)

Thanks guys!!

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