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Re: Which kernel-source for mac mini?

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Am 05.03.2006 um 18:57 schrieb Sven Luther:

You are trying to build the kernel package ? not just some modules ?

What else do you suspect could be meant with "new kernel with make- kpkg"? ;-)

Maybe the
backports.org, they being unofficial packages, are just broken and outdated.
Please just grab linux-source-2.6.15 2.6.15-7 from unstable.

I have fetched the sources of the latest stabel kernel from kernel.org in the meantime. And make-kpgk has build a new kernel- package. But I gor warnings and FATAL errors at the end like:

WARNING: /usr/src/linux- needs unknown symbol machine_power_off


WARNING: Couldn't open directory debian/tmp-image/lib/modules/ No such file or directory FATAL: Could not open debian/tmp-image/lib/modules/ modules.dep.temp for writing: No such file or directory
make[1]: [real_stamp_image] Error 1 (ignored)

Maybe, it makes sense to give it another try with sources from unstable, if there really no udev update is needed as the newer udev seems to work up from kernel 2.6.12 only according to the bug reports.

I guess that if you intent to build your kernel, you are big enough to know
that "you need to include" translate in adding a -I flag to gcc :)

No, why? All the other custom I have made the last ten years, could be build without knowing that.

Its called linux-image, and no, i don't mean backports.org, just grab the official etch/sid kernels (2.6.15-7) and install them on your sarge machine. This is what i do, with a rebuilt yaird, on both my powerbook and my always-on
pegasos machine, works just fine, except for the udev problem.

I looked, if it was possible to install a kernel from Testing. But it wants to upgrade some essential things. So it seems not to make sense to take a risk on a running system for me.

Well, on my powerbook the only things that i saw that cause problems is that
pbbuttonsd doesn't aknowledge keyboard strokes as activity, only mouse
movement, but it could be something else, as pbbuttonsd also from time to time
go into low-power-screen mode and refuses to go out of it.

That does not sound good, but may be no problem with the Mac Mini.

I'll give it a last try next weekend, I think.

For yaboot it is enought to have a loupe and something like


in the config to boot with the old kernel, if something goes wrong?



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