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Re: Which kernel-source for mac mini?

On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 12:38:40PM +0100, Jutta Wrage wrote:
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> Hi!
> It is well known I think, that sound does not work with Sarge PPC  
> Kerneln 2.6.8.
> Now I got the kernel-source for 2.6.15 from backports.org and tired  

It is called linux-source-2.6.15, no more kernel-source.

> to make a kernel using make-kpkg with no luck at all. The byteorder.h  
> in asm is missed. I make a link to asm-powerpc manually , make-kpkg  
> is missing suspend.h, wich is only in asm-ppc.

2.6.15 still builds with arch=ppc for 32bit kernels. You need to include both
include/asm (which is a symlink to include/asm-ppc) and arch/ppc/include
(which is a symlink to includ/asm-powerpc).

If the modules you where trying to build did the right thing, namely used the
the kernel Makefiles, this should have happened automatically.

> Seems I net to get another kernel source from kernel.org (?), but  
> which one?

Wrong, you need to do the right thing :)

> Maybe, there is a mini-HOWTO somewhere pointing out what to get and  
> where to find it?

You could also simply get the 2.6.15 linux-image from
backports/unstable/testing, and use the corresponding linux-headers to build
your modules. Should work as fine as above.

Be careful though that you need the unstable udev also, since the sarge udev
is known to cause problems with newer kernels.


Sven Luther

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