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Re: powerbook 6,8 progress and Airport issues!

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> That explains why I cannot associate, right? I need WPA, WEP crypt gets
> loaded by iwconfig but there seems to be no way to set keys/passphrases
> for WPA ...
> Where would the support go? In the softmac driver, or in bcm43xx?

I think both probably need fixing up for that. WEP support should be easy
(I think most of it is present in softmac) but it needs fixing up
ieee80211 because that has shortcomings. As for WPA -- I have no idea how
that is even supposed to work.

If you want to know more about ieee80211's shortcomings wrt. WEP I can
tell you them (and I also already have a plan for testing/fixing but no
time to implement it)


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