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Re: powerbook 6,8 progress and Airport issues!


> > Where would the support go? In the softmac driver, or in bcm43xx?
> I think both probably need fixing up for that. WEP support should be easy
> (I think most of it is present in softmac) but it needs fixing up
> ieee80211 because that has shortcomings. As for WPA -- I have no idea how
> that is even supposed to work.

Not with softmac currently, it seems. The basic crypt code is present

> If you want to know more about ieee80211's shortcomings wrt. WEP I can
> tell you them (and I also already have a plan for testing/fixing but no
> time to implement it)

Do tell :-) I'd fist want to verify everything else works (by disabling
WEP on the AP) and could look into your suggested fixed after that.


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