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Re: stock kernel 2.6.12 eth0/eth1 swapped

On Dec 10, 2005, at 8:18 PM, Charles Plessy wrote:

So somehow, this problem must be tackled in some way, otherwise I guess
that there will be a lot of "the installer does not work" reports...

Amen to that!

After much go-round, here's _a_ recipe that might help (Kudos to Johannes for his suggestion):

1. apt-get install hotplug ethtool ifrename (if you don't already have them, as I didn't after I dist-upgraded to etch or after I installed linux-image-2.6.12...--so I used the 2.4 kernel)
2.  init 6 (so to get a hotplug'd env.)
3.  ifconfig -a (to get a list of eth<x> devices)
4.  ethtool -i eth<x> ( for all eth<x>; and note driver name)
5.  create a /etc/iftab that looks like:
      eth0  driver <driver for desired eth0>
      eth1  driver <driver for desired eth1>
6.   reboot.

I ended up with an /etc/iftab that reads:
    eth0  driver sungem
    eth1  driver eth1394

I'll leave it to others to point out what pitfalls might remain, but it ''worked on my machine''! YMMV.

FWIW, unstable network device names must make it exceedingly difficult to get a working installer.


By the way, what is this second eth interface on iMac G5? The broadcom
card ?

I'd suspect it's the firewire.

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