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Re: stock kernel 2.6.12 eth0/eth1 swapped

> just to say that this swapping can be very difficult to diagnose to the
> basic user. Coming from the i386 world, I would only expect this to
> happen with two similar interfaces. I installed a debian (testing) on my
> iMac G5 yesterday (only one eth physical inteface), and if this thread
> had not been started, I would still be trying to figure out why the eth0
> used by debian-installer was unable to find its IP adress by dhcp after
> rebooting in the new system...
> So somehow, this problem must be tackled in some way, otherwise I guess
> that there will be a lot of "the installer does not work" reports...
> By the way, what is this second eth interface on iMac G5? The broadcom
> card ?

No, it's a virtual interface created by the ethernet-over-firewire
driver (and that has the weird "feature" of not always coming up
reliably thus screwing up interface numbering). The problem would be
exactly the same on x86 if that module was loaded. I would suggest the
best is probably to avoid loading/building this module by default to get
to a setup that has mostly stable numbering. There is no fundamental
difference here between x86 and ppc ...

For the broadcom, I don't think debian packages the experimental driver


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