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Re: stock kernel 2.6.12 eth0/eth1 swapped

On Sun, Dec 11, 2005 at 09:10:31AM +1100, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote :
> Network device ordering has never been guaranteed nor stable. It depends
> on things like link order, module load ordering, or on async probe
> busses like firewire or USB can depend on the phase of the moon.
> The bug is to assume it can be relied upon in the first place. I know
> it's annoying but that's how it is.

Hi everybody,

just to say that this swapping can be very difficult to diagnose to the
basic user. Coming from the i386 world, I would only expect this to
happen with two similar interfaces. I installed a debian (testing) on my
iMac G5 yesterday (only one eth physical inteface), and if this thread
had not been started, I would still be trying to figure out why the eth0
used by debian-installer was unable to find its IP adress by dhcp after
rebooting in the new system...

So somehow, this problem must be tackled in some way, otherwise I guess
that there will be a lot of "the installer does not work" reports...

By the way, what is this second eth interface on iMac G5? The broadcom
card ?


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