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2.6.14 and m3mirror broken

Hi List,

being already quite desperate, i try to get the m3mirror tool (to clone my Pismo's display on the external VGA out) to run under 2.6.14.

I have old instructions to manually change the file /usr/src/linux/arch/ppc/syslib/prom_init.c
at line 401:

for (j=0; j<prom_num_displays; j++) {

for (j=0; j<1; j++) {

which made the m3mirror tool work with past kernel versions.

Since using 2.6.14 this line has changed to:
for (i=j+1; i<prom_num_displays; i++) {

so (following a hint from a posting by Vincent Lefèvre, assuming that the index has shifted by one) i changed this to:
for (i=j+1; i<j+2; i++) {

which doesn't work either.

Does anyone know how to bring my external VGA output back to work?
I have to give a lecture on tuesday using my trusted notebook and am in demand for a vga output then.

Any help is very much appreciated!!!


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