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Re: yaboot not coming up


thanks Dean, that did the trick...

On 10/6/05, Dean Hamstead <dean@bong.com.au> wrote:
thats real easy to fix, ill just wack some slashes on comments
for clarity

/*just get into the apples bios thingy (i know it has a real name...
/*open firmware thats the one) by pressing at boot

command + option + O + F/

/*at the openfirmware prompt type the following

boot hd:9,yaboot

/*however your partition number will most likely vary

/*you should then be in linux, then as root youll need
/*to edit the /etc/yaboot.conf file to accomidate osx
/*then at a prompt type


/* that should be all


Joubin Moshrefzadeh wrote:
> This is probably more a Mac issue than a Debian one, but here goes anyway :)
> I was happily booting with yaboot for a while, until I needed to
> activate the root user in OS X (Tiger) on my 15" PB.. following the
> advice of some quick searches online, i ended up doing it the roundabout
> way, using the Mac restore disks which once booted allow you to activate
> the root password... ( and later found out I can do it just as easily
> from within OS X... doh!!)
> Long story short, ever since then when I restart the laptop, I never see
> yaboot any more... by default it always boots OS X. Further searches
> online pointed me to holding some combination of keys when the laptop is
> booting, but there must be a setting somewhere I need to set so by
> default i hit yaboot and am given the choice which os to boot...
> any hints?
> Much appreciated!
> Joubin

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