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Re: fdisk vs gparted? (Modified by Kim Cascone)

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 12:55:20PM -0700, Kim Cascone wrote:
> below is a fdisk report from my son's G3 iMac DV which describes his 
> 4.7G Linux part as a 'NewWorld bootblock'...yet 'gparted' describes the 
> same part correctly as a 'ext3' fs -- which is what I formatted it as 
> in the Ubuntu install...

As said, parted goes looking for the partition content, and checks each
filesystem it knows about in turn. If you had an ext3 before it was a newworld
bootblock, and you didn't fully erase it, then the stuff parted looks for
stays there, and fools parted.


Sven Luther

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