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libfreevec finally available!

Hi everyone,

	I'd like to announce the public release of libfreevec, after a long 
period of development, frustration and a mix of success/failures 
stories. After many rewrites, I can finally present something that 
can at least be used with mostly good results.

First, a short info:
libfreevec is a free (LGPL) library with hand-optimized replacement 
routines for GLIBC, such as memcpy(), strlen(), etc. These routines 
have been written specifically to take advantage of the AltiVec 
(a.k.a Velocity Engine or VMX), and will only work on processors that 
include this unit. This means they will not work on older processors, 
such as 603, 604, 750 (G3) or the POWER family of CPUs. 

Check the site for more information, and download the source (soon a 
Debian package will be available):


Thanks to Genesi for sponsoring this effort and for creating the ODW, 
a great development platform!


Konstantinos Margaritis

PS. For the impatient amongst you, make sure you set
CFLAGS="-O3 -maltivec -funroll-loops -DHAVE_ALTIVEC_H"
to compile for max performance.
PS. I'm not subscribed to the list, actually I was before, but sth 
happened and I got unsubscribed :-/

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