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Re: Re: Power Mac 6100/66

On 9/10/05, willie <willie29692@prtcnet.com> wrote:
> hi i got a mac 6100/66 and im trying to do system 
> recovery to restore the p.c. 
> or get to the utility.  

Your question is a bit ambiguous -- I came up with three options, but
you may have yet ANOTHER question in mind.

1) Are you talking about the DOS Compatibility Card that was included
in some versions of that model? If so, here is an (old) page that may
help you get started.


I know of several attempts to instal Intel linux on the DOS card since
it has a 486DX processor, but I don't know if anyone was ever
successful. Here's an apparently abandoned page about one project:


2) Or are you wanting to restore the Macintosh OS that would be on the
(typically 500 Mb or smaller) hard drive? If that's the case, there is
actually quite a lot of information on the Apple web site at
http://www.apple.com/ (you may need to register to get to the sections
you need).

3) Or did you attempt to install linux and are having trouble? If it's
this last point, the machine is not directly supported by Debian
linux, and you'll have to get started from a different point. Here is
one of several pages to get you started:


Google will turn up a lot more on any of these topics!

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