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Re: help with airport card on g3 powerbook

The question of the encription key has been brought up. I have
connected to the ap (base station) with the card using os9. The card
and ap should work with linux.

As I understand, when the module(s) for the airport card are
installed I can iwconfig in a terminal and see the essid and key etc.
for the signal received (strongest if more than one) by the card. If
there is more than one ap I can use iwconfig eth1 essid essid-for-aaa
to specify what ap will be "targeted". When I ifup eth1 the specs in
/etc/networks/interfaces about essid and key will be used to
establish what ap to ask for ip address (if dhcp). No ip number is
given if no ap is shown.
iface eth1 inet dhcp
wireless-essid essid-for-aaa
wireless-key key-for-aaa

When I iwconfig eth1 essid essid-for-aaa and then iwconfig I dont see
ap number. Without a number a connection wont be made. I can get that
ap number in about one of 100 attempts at iwconfig eth1 essid any.

Why isnt the ap found and reported when I load the driver and

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