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Re: how to install debian on imac?

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 08:58:12PM -0300, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> Hi!
> >I'd like to install debian onto an iMac G5, but im not sure where to start.
> >
> >Whats the best way to install debian from scratch?
> >
> >Do i just use the debian-installer powerpc rc3 cdrom?
> No, that will not work.

In any case, you would want to use ther final sarge released ones, not these
older rc3 stuff.

> >Do i need to use the updated kernel at 
> >http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/images/daily/powerpc64/cdrom64/ to 
> >install?
> Yes, you have to.  I've just done it and I'm really happy to finally 
> have my G5 with Debian.

Cool, can you write an installation report and submit it ? 

We need to fix the daily-built CD isos now though.

> Please, read the thread "Installing Debian on a iMac G5" on this very 
> same list, it's only a week old.  It's always best to check the archives 
> to see if the subject has already been dealt with.



Sven Luther

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