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Re: help with airport card on g3 powerbook

On 9/5/05, gm c <gm_c2@yahoo.com> wrote:
> the ap is the base station in a cell and a gateway in a network ( a
> transciver).
> you are using eth0 because you are loading airport before sungem. if
> sungem at all.
> If you are doing a ifup eth0 you are not doing a auto but a manual
> up.

To clarify, I only did ifup once, after configuring /etc/network/interfaces
Everytime I boot, it automatically comes up.

> Before you do ifup eth0, do a iwconfig eth0 and you should see an
> essid and its ap. My understanding is that the module (airport in
> this case) provides this information. If there is more than one
> signal recieved then iwconfig can be used to specify which essid is
> to be selecetd. iwconfig eth0 essid selected-essid.

Nice, good to know. I've only recently begun to work with wireless,
after receiving this iBook from work, so I'm afraid (other than giving
my limited experience) I might not be much more help.

My thought is that since iwconfig seems to set the options on the fly,
if you configure the interfaces file, then ifup, it should work. At
least it did for me.

> I modprobe airport but dont see any ap identified with iwconfig.
> my card works with os9. Why not with linux??

It should. Have you tried one of the live CD's I suggested. If
anything, it will prove that your card works.
My first install on this, I couldn't get the card to work. I tried the
Ubuntu live CD to see, and it did. I installed Kubuntu, but decided I
wanted a leaner install, so went back to sarge (then configured the
card properly).

> do you get a ap when you do iwconfig before ifup eth0??

As I said, I don't ifup every time, but FWIW I ran iwconfig to see the
output, and an ap was listed. Of course, this is after the interface
is up.


Chris Martin
Web Developer
Open Source & Web Standards Advocate

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