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Re: help with airport card on g3 powerbook

On Sun, 4 Sep 2005 13:07:33 -0700 (PDT)
gm c <gm_c2@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am unable to get my airport card to connect to a wireless base
> station. I am using /etc/network/interfaces. 
> iface eth1 inet dhcp
>  wireless-essid myessid
>  wireless-mode managed
>  wireless-key mykey
>  wireless-ap myap
> when I iwconfig eth1 the ap is all 4's or all 0's. If I iwconfig
> essid, mode,  key, and ap the ap is not get recognized.
> what am I missing???

Lets collect the facts:
- You use the built-in Airport card from Apple.
- The module airport is loaded.
- iwconfig deliver approriate results.

You said you tried to connect to a wireless access point. Is this 
base station the apple base station or an alien product?

If you don't use the Apple base station you have to disable encrypted
communication in the acces point, because the original Apple Airport
card only supports 40Bit WEP which is not longer supported by recent
access points. They use 128bit WEP or WPA. The Apple Airport card can't
connect to base stations configured for 128Bit WEP or WPA.

>  wireless-key mykey

In my configuration the key is set with wireless-key1, but you only
need this key if your base station is able to talk WEP40.

 Best Regards

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