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Re: help with airport card on g3 powerbook

> On my system (Pismo g3 iBook 600) my airport card is eth0, eth1 is
> my 
> ethernet port.
> I never used iwconfig, simply set the options I posted previously,
> directly 
> in /etc/network/interfaces, then ran
> ifdown eth0
> ifup eth0
> Isn't wireless-ap for an access point? If you're only using a base
> station, 
> and not using an access point, I don't think you need that in
> there.
> I'm not sure, I'm just using a D-Link wireless router here, and
> have never 
> used Apple's base station.

the ap is the base station in a cell and a gateway in a network ( a
you are using eth0 because you are loading airport before sungem. if
sungem at all. 
If you are doing a ifup eth0 you are not doing a auto but a manual
Before you do ifup eth0, do a iwconfig eth0 and you should see an
essid and its ap. My understanding is that the module (airport in
this case) provides this information. If there is more than one
signal recieved then iwconfig can be used to specify which essid is
to be selecetd. iwconfig eth0 essid selected-essid.
I modprobe airport but dont see any ap identified with iwconfig.
my card works with os9. Why not with linux??
do you get a ap when you do iwconfig before ifup eth0??

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