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Re: Installing (trying to) Sarge on my Power Macintosh 6500.

On 08/30/05 15:46, Miguel Da Silva wrote:
Looking at some FTPs I see five files concerning Sarge; they are boot.img, cd-drivers.img, net-drivers.img, ofonlyboot.img and root.img. No luck with any of them, everytime the same thing happens: I try to boot, the computer ejects the floppy and appears that computer with a red X on the screen.

This is the reason why I didn't use the floppies that come with sarge to install Debian testing/etch on my PowerMac 9500. I just used the known to work boot-floppies that came with woody and later upgraded to testing.

I'm now itching to get mplayer from the source pointed to by Christian Marillat's page, but it seems that it is only available to those who use unstable. :-(

Cheers, Rogério.

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