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Installing (trying to) Sarge on my Power Macintosh 6500.

Hello everybody, I can't find yet a way to install Sarge on my machine (Power Macintosh 6500). With Woody I have no problems, I found two files (boot-floppy-hfs.img and root.bin) and with them the install process goes fine (of course, talking about Woody).

Looking at some FTPs I see five files concerning Sarge; they are boot.img, cd-drivers.img, net-drivers.img, ofonlyboot.img and root.img. No luck with any of them, everytime the same thing happens: I try to boot, the computer ejects the floppy and appears that computer with a red X on the screen.

I have no OS on the computer and I'd like to try Linux now. I thought of broken files I tried to download all of the files mentioned from another FTP (indeed, more than one), but no luck at all. Checking the installation manual did not help too much with this issue.

Ok, that's all.

Thank you so much.

Miguel D.

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