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Re: Installing (trying to) Sarge on my Power Macintosh 6500.

> Hello everybody, I can't find yet a way to install Sarge on my machine (Power
> Macintosh 6500). With Woody I have no problems, I found two files
> (boot-floppy-hfs.img and root.bin) and with them the install process goes fine
> (of course, talking about Woody).
> Looking at some FTPs I see five files concerning Sarge; they are boot.img,
> cd-drivers.img, net-drivers.img, ofonlyboot.img and root.img. No luck with any
> of them, everytime the same thing happens: I try to boot, the computer ejects
> the floppy and appears that computer with a red X on the screen.
> I have no OS on the computer and I'd like to try Linux now. I thought of
> broken files I tried to download all of the files mentioned from another FTP
> (indeed, more than one), but no luck at all. Checking the installation manual
> did not help too much with this issue.

I've just run through this same issue with a pair of 6360s and a 6500 (much
the same on the inside - one of the 6360s has a 6400 motherboard). There are
a few other messages in the last month or so in the archives with people
having similar problems - those sarge boot floppies eject as soon as they're
read at boot. As far as I could tell there's no equivalent to the
ramdisk.image that can be used for a netinstall of woody either, but my
experience with the myriad of installation methods isn't complete :).

In the end I just did the most basic possible woody install then
dist-upgraded it to sarge - that worked.


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