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Apache-1.3 and Virtual hosting

I've got a problem with Apache-1.3 and virtual domains which, at least
to me, does
not seem to make sense.  I've had this sort of a setup before and
everything worked
with no problem.

According to the documentation examples, I should be able to do the following:

### Begin setup
NameVirtualHost *

<VirtualHost my.domain-one.tld>
      ServerAdmin blah@domain-one.tld
      DocumentRoot  /var/www/my.domain-one.tld
      ServerName  my.domain-one.tld

<VirtualHost this.domain-two.tld>
       ServerAdmin blah@this.domain-two.tld
       DocumentRoot /var/www/this.domain-two.tld
       ServerName this.domain-two.tld
### End setup

I end up with errors of the following type (usring /usr/sbin/apache -S)

--- Error message ---
[Sun Aug 28 01:17:03 2005] [warn] VirtualHost www.domain-one:80
overlaps with VirtualHost www.domain-two.tld:80, the first has
precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive
--- Error message ---

I can get rid of this error by making the following change:

     NameVirtualHost *

is replaced by 


According to Apache documentation website I should be able to use an '*' instead
of the IP address and it should work.  Is there something I am missing or
not doing right ? 



Mehul N. Sanghvi
email: mehul.sanghvi@gmail.com

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