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Re: Apache-1.3 and Virtual hosting


This is off topic here, but we're normally forgiving about that fact....

On  28 Aug, this message from Mehul Sanghvi echoed through cyberspace:
> I've got a problem with Apache-1.3 and virtual domains which, at least
> to me, does
> not seem to make sense.  I've had this sort of a setup before and
> everything worked
> with no problem.
> According to the documentation examples, I should be able to do the
> following:
> ### Begin setup
> NameVirtualHost *

OK, so you try to do name-based virtual host, i.e. multiple sites with
different names on the same server IP address?


> <VirtualHost my.domain-one.tld>
this needs to be the IP address of your server, and not the name of the
virtual host.



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