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Re: sudden power loss on tibook

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 06:22:36PM +0200, stefan kersten wrote:
> i think this has been reported before: on 2.6.11 my 1ghz
> tibook occasionally suffers from complete power loss,
> resulting in a hard shutdown. on reboot, the clock is reset.

Same here, on an iBookG4 12". It did not happen with 2.6.~8 but it is
happening with 2.6.12.

> has this been fixed in more recent kernel versions (i've
> already tried 2.6.12)? any suggestions for debugging the
> problem?

2.6.12 has not solved the problem. And since i use debian kernels, i will have
to wait until 13 is released.

But yeah, it is happening here. And it sucks. The only way to keep my job is
to have an screen on another machine.

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