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Re: Help! Not able to mount FAT filesystems

Patrick Finnegan <pat@computer-refuge.org> writes:

> On Friday 26 August 2005 04:48, William XWL wrote:
>> Patrick Finnegan <pat@computer-refuge.org> writes:
>> [...]
>> > <RANT>
>> > Sven, if you read all of his problem, you'll see it has nothing to
>> > do with not having FAT compiled into his kernel.  It'd be nice if
>> > you would stop chastising people for compiling their own kernel
>> > instead of using a debian supplied one... expecting people running
>> > an open-source OS to not compile software themselves seems silly.
>> You're using debian, right? Do you compile all the softwares
>> yourselve?
> When it suits me to compile things myself, I do.  Kernels tend to be 
> useful things to self-compile.  Things like "ls" are generally a waste 
> of time to recompile.  It seems silly to insist that people using an 
> OpenSource thing like Debian *shouldn't* compile things themselves 
> though.  It's just a rant, try not to get off your rocker if you 
> disagree with me.  

Hmm, okay, just a rant. Actually for me, kernel seems to be the only one
thing that i've to compile myself in debian. Well, i do wish someday
there could be a more flexible pre-compiled kernel, so as to save time. 



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