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Pre-packaged Debian-kernels, was: Re: Help! Not able to mount FAT filesystems

On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 01:01:11AM +0800, William XWL wrote:
> Hmm, okay, just a rant. Actually for me, kernel seems to be the only one
> thing that i've to compile myself in debian. Well, i do wish someday
> there could be a more flexible pre-compiled kernel, so as to save time. 

Well, I guess when you operate a larger set of machines, you have to
have an eye on security issues and have to build a set of scripts to
automate the process. I've done so only for 2.4 kernels for woody, and
there many security issues where fixed in the unstable tree, but only
slowly moved into stable (not to speak of requirements of more modern
hardware, special security patches (grsec) and such). 

So yes, the kernel is probably the first thing I replace when setting
up a machine with a site specific kernel which gets updated rather
frequently (whenever security related patches come in or a new machine
which just "needs" this patch to work properly). And, of course, some
things are not meant to be usable (e.g. USB on servers), so each
machine class has it (carfully monitored) set of .config-files.

Though the source is ususally based on a Debian kernel (don't know for
2.6, but in 2.4 it was no problem to recompile (including extra
patches like grsec, which only had a couple conflicts when merging) an
unstable kernel on stable.)

I know, these processes should be merged into Debian proper, but
honestly speaking, when I was doing it, I was glad that all
machines/architectures worked and had no resources left to monitor the
inclusion into Debian stable (contrary to patches for "normal" bugs).

Still, I like to have the Debian kernels as a basis, so they are very



P.S. And of course, I don't like initrd on "my" systems, hence this is
     removed in the first run. 

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