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Re: Bug#324668: Net Install, no boot from hard drive using BootX.

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 13:14, R Charles Flickinger wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> I cannot locate the files described in section 4.5.1 of the
> Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide to be placed in the BootX "Linux
> Kernels" folde:
> "Download linux.bin and ramdisk.image.gz from the disks-powerpc/
> current/powermac folder, and place them in the Linux Kernels folder."

Unfortunately the manual is quite outdated for PowerPC, which is why we 
have the warning in [1]. I still have some hope that people involved with 
the Debian PowerPC port will step up and update it.

> <After trying to understand this for all day and night, at least 12
> hours, I don't think I want to use this OS, or recommend it to
> anyone.  It's easier to spend money on stuff that just works.  The
> wall I ran into was not being able to locate "disks-powerpc/current/
> powermac" folder either on the ftp site or within the iso image, so
> I'm stuck and can't proceed on to Chapter 5 of the installation
> guide.  I was successful at one point, watching the kernel try to
> start, but it kept choking on "root=" (using BootX) and I tried
> leaving that blank, entered "hd0" and "hd1".  Nothing worked, I
> guess, because root couldn't be opened.  It is not clear whatI'm
> supposed to do here to make this work.  If you can help, I will try
> again, but I'm already having doubts about the virtues of working
> with Linux.  Sorry, but maybe you can help me feel better about
> this.  Windows users must dislike Windows an awful lot to want to try
> fighting with these installs to get Linux running on their hardware.
> Had no idea it was that bad for them.>

If you would after all still like to try the images, please take a look at 
[2] and look for hd-media for your sub architecture. You might even be 
pleasantly surprised.
For CD based installations, please use the different CD images available 
from [3].



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