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Re: ati card

I'm pretty sure that if you write to Apple and tell them that and threaten to 
bring in trading standards or whatever the equivalent is in your country then 
you will get some more satisfactory resolution. It's not a fair business 
practice to sell you time-limited defective hardware and just keep replacing 
it until your warranty runs out. Make a fuss basically, and you'll probably 
get good results.

On Monday 15 Aug 2005 17:18, Johannes Mockenhaupt wrote:
> Enrique Morfin wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I have a 1GHz tibook, ati 9000m.
> >
> > i buyed it in march 2003. 8 months later it began to
> > display some horizontal lines, but just in osX
> > (10.2.8), linux was working flawlesly (2.4 series with
> > benh patches, and daenzer dri). I taked it to apple,
> > they say, it was a problem in video card. so they
> > change the motherboard.
> >
> > It was working perfect until last week. It began the
> > same problem. Apple says the same, they are going to
> > change the motherboard again.
> >
> > And then what? in some months i will have the same
> > problem again?
> I'm afraid so:
> I send my iBook (2.2) in three times with display errors and everytime
> the motherboard was exchanged. I asked the service guy if I can expect
> to come again in a couple of months and whether it wouldn't be cheaper
> for them just to install a working motherboard. I got the same response
> as you got: they're just gonna go on replacing the motherboard until the
> guarantee runs out - even if it would be the fourth replacement
> motherboard :-(
> Johannes
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