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Re: ati card

Enrique Morfin wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a 1GHz tibook, ati 9000m.
> i buyed it in march 2003. 8 months later it began to
> display some horizontal lines, but just in osX
> (10.2.8), linux was working flawlesly (2.4 series with
> benh patches, and daenzer dri). I taked it to apple,
> they say, it was a problem in video card. so they
> change the motherboard.
> It was working perfect until last week. It began the
> same problem. Apple says the same, they are going to
> change the motherboard again.
> And then what? in some months i will have the same
> problem again?

I'm afraid so:
I send my iBook (2.2) in three times with display errors and everytime
the motherboard was exchanged. I asked the service guy if I can expect
to come again in a couple of months and whether it wouldn't be cheaper
for them just to install a working motherboard. I got the same response
as you got: they're just gonna go on replacing the motherboard until the
guarantee runs out - even if it would be the fourth replacement
motherboard :-(

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