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ati card


I have a 1GHz tibook, ati 9000m.

i buyed it in march 2003. 8 months later it began to
display some horizontal lines, but just in osX
(10.2.8), linux was working flawlesly (2.4 series with
benh patches, and daenzer dri). I taked it to apple,
they say, it was a problem in video card. so they
change the motherboard.

It was working perfect until last week. It began the
same problem. Apple says the same, they are going to
change the motherboard again.

And then what? in some months i will have the same
problem again?

Is the same osX, but now running 2.6.11, with dri. (in
linux is flawlessly), again the problem just in osX.

Ati 9000m is defective? Anyone having problems with
this card? other ati card?
Just some serial numbers?
Can dri or any part of linux be afecting the card?
Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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