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Hi everybody and a question about external modems

Hi list,

I am about to install Debian on my newl acquired Mac Mini 1.25. I'd
like to mainly run it as a LAMP system, but also - if possible - as a
voice mail box / fax machine under Debian.

Afaik, the internal modem is unsupported by Linux, so I thought about
hooking up an external modem (Elsa Microlink ISDN/TL.V43) to it via a
serial-2-USB adapter.

First I'd like to know if there's any software package for Debian/PPC
available that can at least do the following:

- receive voice messages and forward them as MP3 (or similar) by email
- receive and send fax messages, forward received faxes by email
- and finally, act as a shared fax sender in a mixed LAN with Windows
and MacOSX clients

The only one I know is capisuite, but will that work with my hardware scenario?

Thanks in anticipation,
Alan Schreiner

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