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Re: My Debian/MacMini web pages

On 8/8/05, Ashesh Datta <debian@ashesh.waitrose.com> wrote:
> my luck!  So the only return for the investment of my hard-earned 399 GB
> pound sterling at the moment seems to be to be able to use Microsoft
> Internet Explorer to read about the latest happenings in Iraq.

Hopefully on OSX you would use Safari or download another browser
(Firefox,Opera, etc.) instead of using the terribly ancient IE that
comes with the OS. =)

> in an older iMac.  The Mac Mini just taken out of the box, on the other
> hand, seems to be unwilling to run anything other than Mac OS X (you cant
> even boot it from a CD - seriously, Apple needs its head examining)!   Does

Apple likes to make the Apple way very easy, and the nonApple way
somewhat obfuscated.  To boot from a CD (such as a Debian installation
CD), hold down the c key as the machine boots up.  If that doesn't
work, you might have a bad CD.  I had no trouble installing Debian on
a brand-new Mac Mini just last week, and wish you the same smooth

Off-topic and wrong list, but hats off to the Debian team for making
installation so easy.  I thought that because ppc isn't as popular as
x86, installation and configuration would be horribly buggy and/or
difficult.  I'm pleasantly surprised that it "Just Works(TM)."

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