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Re: My Debian/MacMini web pages

On 8/8/05 10:10 am, "Dean Hamstead" <dean@bong.com.au> wrote:

> macosx has the same locked root as ubuntu
> to enable root, log in as an user with admin privileges.
> then open a shell
> sudu bash
> put in your password
> youll then be in a bash shell as root,
> you can then go
> passwd
> change your root password.
> then you can 'su' to root.

It works fine, thanks, Dean!

> linux on mac mini isnt magic. youll get it on and things will work
> well. possibly you might try ubuntu if your not too savy with
> debian and linux in general.

> the site you mentioned worked fine for me
> Dean

I suppose ubuntu is certainly worth a try, but my immediate problem is
preparing a hard disk partition for Linux in Mac mini.  However I'll try to
get on with it without panicking now that I have got access to Paul's Web
site again: 

On 8/8/05 3:14 pm, "Paul J. Lucas" <pauljlucas@mac.com> wrote:

>>> http://homepage.mac.com/pauljlucas/personal/macmini/
>> But where is it now?
> Exactly in the same place.
> - Paul

Found it (my broadband router locked it out)!

    After trying Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox all to no avail from
the same iMac, I tried (in some desperation) Internet Explorer on an old Mac
clone running OS 8.6 connected to the same home network.  When again I
exactly got the same outcome, it became crystal clear that either my ISP or
the router was at fault.  The ISP is very unlikely to selectively block out
one particular site, so I simply switched my router on and off once and
clicked the URL again.  Lo and behold, out popped the Mac Mini Introduction
page on the screen!  Thanks, Paul.
                                -- Ashesh 

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