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Re: My Debian/MacMini web pages

On 8/8/05 8:19 pm, "curby ." <curby.public@gmail.com> wrote:

> Apple likes to make the Apple way very easy, and the nonApple way
> somewhat obfuscated.  To boot from a CD (such as a Debian installation
> CD), hold down the c key as the machine boots up.  If that doesn't
> work, you might have a bad CD.  I had no trouble installing Debian on

I had a bad CD - no problem booting from a bootable CD.  Sorry if I scared
off some newbies contemplating installing Debian on a Mac mini!

On 9/8/05 6:31 am, "Maximilian Gerlach" <m@px0.de> wrote:

>> but my immediate problem is
>> preparing a hard disk partition for Linux in Mac mini.
> Try it with the OS X Install CD/DVD.
> Pop it in, press 'C' during boot (starting from when you hear the chime)
> and then search the menubar for the 'harddisk service program' (Or
> something like that. Sorry, badly translated German ;).)
> There you can split partitions, delete, resize, and so on.

In fact I did create a partition for Debian (the first partition on the hard
disk as recommended by the manual), and installed Mac OS X in the 2nd
partition, but the problem that I'm trying to overcome at the moment is that
I keep getting the message "No hard disk drives were detected ... you must
be installing a diskless workstation ..." from the installer.  It could be
due to dud CDs (these are of December 2002 vintage!) - I have just ordered a
new set of Woody (v3.0r6) discs as I cannot believe that the current Debian
installer is unable to detect hard disk drives in a Mac mini!

    However, should it transpire that there are issues here, I'll certainly
keep the list posted.

    Thanks for your help,
                                -- Ashesh 

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