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Re: My Debian/MacMini web pages

On 4/6/05 8:55 pm, "Paul J. Lucas" <pauljlucas@mac.com> wrote:

> I've just completed a set of web pages describing how I
> configured Debian Linux on my Mac Mini.  However, most of the
> material isn't Mini-specific.  It includes things like
> configuring NFS, IMAP, and SMTP servers as well as setting up a
> two-node cluster and a UPS:
> http://homepage.mac.com/pauljlucas/personal/macmini/

But where is it now?

    Encouraged by its promise, last week I went out and bought myself a
gleaming 512 MB 1.42 GHz Mac Mini (my partner calls it a biscuit tin), but
when I came home on Friday with my newly purchased trinket, it (i.e. the
aforementioned Web site) was not to be found any more to my chagrin.  Just
my luck!  So the only return for the investment of my hard-earned 399 GB
pound sterling at the moment seems to be to be able to use Microsoft
Internet Explorer to read about the latest happenings in Iraq.

    However, if Paul (or some other kind soul on the list) could let me on
the secret of how to circumvent the "No hard disk detected for partitioning"
message from Debian installer (or mac-fdisk), I could get started as I have
some experience of installing Debian (as well as SuSE and Yellow Dog Linux)
in an older iMac.  The Mac Mini just taken out of the box, on the other
hand, seems to be unwilling to run anything other than Mac OS X (you cant
even boot it from a CD - seriously, Apple needs its head examining)!   Does
it need to be tweaked in any way, possibly hardware-wise (Heaven forbid!),
to run Linux?  Does it need to be "brainwashed" to change its current deeply
held conviction that its sole mission in life is just to run OS X?  Is it a
feature shared by all G4 and G5 Macs?  I only hope not!

    Also can anyone please tell me how to log in as a root (username and
password) in Darwin in OS 10.3 so that I can run fdisk from Terminal?

    Any help will be highly appreciated (and could also be helpful to others
struggling to partition the disks of their shiny new Macs for Debian).
                                -- Ashesh 

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