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Re: CardBus bridge and wireless card plugged into it use same IRQ: Correct?

About the pciproxy patch:

good job!
but shouldn't this be main news on the list? I think I'm not the only
one trying to get rid of my cable.  I'm sorry if I missed an earlier
thread or something but anyone who wants to give it a try:

that's what I found on the mol list, I'm gonna try it asap...
more hints are welcome

On 8/4/05, Johannes Berg <johannes@sipsolutions.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 16:12 +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> > I'm trying to set up a little wifi-network, and it does not always
> > work as it should: With my questions I simply wanted to make sure the
> > IRQ "issue" actually isn't one, and that it is not the source of my
> > wifi troubles...
> It definitely isn't, we just hacked the MOL pciproxy patch to allow
> shared IRQs and now the Broadcom card (Airport Express) works inside
> MOL :)
> johannes
> Comment: Johannes Berg (SIP Solutions)
> GsPdtkNdcBwqRWfss7hd8PnwqfDEr2WjXsGK0jXVxpI/ev94voiYIKuMrcggNA2J
> RL3EAQ4OnoC4Dsp/tALiA7W4i42UcTN2rtX/9ASr+8cSmTjugGmezX3DNU0Xbvw2
> 1aBgGUSZGta26gZdeQPsQrcEcK8RuHhW/CUVcly/VfhBCsPBvl+6cF9JA2x1ADNn
> 4rI6pxZQFPm9J1tKriZ1S5d9xNQtTRSi7WbBYsgBMuSwW73FkO9Rj72rTKRlP6ZC
> ZJdRWFPR5Ul6s85SiWA4SLjoEKGMlq0KRxjE+5HyNJkOHbz4pBJ6uCcYxpb7CKDl
> m97z4BP9wjsC5R84FxoLYcmZ8QTgBaSYhOrJBOM3b/Y2lHp7ZGCossr/g/hIL8aI
> yDlb8qoebMMfk0T+LDfWv0k+HShGGrv8otcsqli6wmiIR5QecAMUOCC+tp6OqOia
> LvgDh3OXhh5Ar3Pvk8frQy4DpByDZ9JGsr6C7aO4N319P2jHy6Rbj21u3Pn4hF6c
> f/oBK4tKHEaNfjBwWZErf6CyB/0ugSCeZWs/iQ6YN1enC3G4tw1hwW9k4oQ0h4u3
> ePZa3HdbZRLOpaOEBtx7g77SgvfdC59ruawwD/RKe7ufPU15R38rBFMz8pRz4n6z
> j9UEqKPQ/Ag=
> =RV2f

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